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NBA Locker Codes is the fastest and the most reliable website for finding the latest NBA 2K21/22 locker codes. We update our lists frequently because we don’t want our users to lose time looking for different codes.

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NBA 2K is video games series of basketball that has been released annually since 1999. The initial publishers of the game were Sega Sports, whereas the same is published by 2K Sports now.

The game has various instalments divided. So far, it has been available on eighteen different platforms.

Iced Out Season 3 is the latest release of the game.

What are NBA Locker Codes?

A unique set of codes and coupons that NBA 2K released on Twitter for every player of the game and can be redeemed while playing NBA 2k game are Locker Codes.

With these NBA Locker Codes, the player can get the items for free. These items include various cosmetics, jerseys etc. But, alongside the pros of NBA Locker Codes, there are some cons too.

The NBA Locker Codes come with an expiration date. If the Locker Codes are unused, they expire and won’t be helpful. The players need to keep an eye on the official Twitter accounts of the game publishers.

Never Expiring NBA Locker Codes


Reward: 1 Token, Shoe Pack, Contract Pack, Basketball Pack

Do NBA Locker Codes Expire?

Well, everything in this world comes with an expiry date.

Once the last date to use any 2K21 Locker Code or 2K22 Locker Code has passed, it becomes useless. However, some codes never expire. Sadly, they do.

How to Get NBA Locker Codes?

Honestly, you have to keep an eye on the official accounts of NBA 2K. Their social accounts always have an update about any upcoming code. These accounts can be their Twitter handle, Instagram, YouTube or likewise. If you follow any of their accounts, it will be better to turn the notifications ON.

How to Redeem NBA Locker Codes?

It is effortless and convenient to redeem the NBA Locker Codes. Go to My Team Main Menu and select Home. Then, choose MyTeam Community Hub in the drop-down menu and then select Locker Code.

You can either choose from the given codes or enter the one you know yourself.

Just in case you are playing in the MyCareer mode, you can enter the locker codes in the City/Neighborhood menu. To do so, simply click the Options/Quit button and then Locker Codes. Unleash the random items from the codes and enjoy.

MyTeam Community Hub

  • Go to My Team Main Menu and select Home.
  • Choose MyTeam Community Hub and select Code Locker.
  • You can choose the codes or enter the one you know yourself.

The MyCareer Mode

  • You can enter the locker codes in the City/Neighborhood menu.
  • Click the Options/Quit button and then Locker Codes.
  • Unleash the random items by using NBA Locker Codes and enjoy.

What Can I Get Using NBA Locker Codes?

It might be a strangling question about what exactly you get in the Locker Codes to many of you. Well, it is entirely random. Even though there are some specific codes for specific items, more or less, the things are random.

I have personally tried putting the locker codes, and I got additional XP, Adidas sneakers and a chance to add/change a new player. It wasn’t a bad deal, though!

The list of probabilities of getting something or the other is huge. The players should try their luck.


The Word “NBA” is a registered trademark of The National Basketball Association (NBA), a professional basketball league in North America. And “2K” is a registered trademark of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc., an American video game holding company. Both Trademark had used for fair purposes. NBA & Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. are not sponsors or affiliated with in any way.

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